Code of Conduct

Parabellum Mission Statement & Code of Conduct

<P A R A B E L L U M> is a guild of committed players whose goal is to conquer the endgame content provided by Blizzard and enjoy that pursuit. Our rules and code of conduct are designed to achieve that end and enhance the gaming experience for all guildies.

I. Priorities
II. Communication
III. The player
IV. The guild tag
V. Atmosphere
VI. Initiates
VII. Consequences

I. Priorities

As outlined in the Mission Statement, we prioritize endgame achievement. But that does not mean that the game supercedes the real lives of our guildies. Real life comes first, but we do require a commitment from our members so that we continually progress through the World of Warcraft. To this end, we’ve arranged a raiding schedule of three days each week, of which you are expected to make 6 out of 7 raids per each 2.33 week period. We believe this allows for time to: have a life outside of WoW and take care of those obligations so that they don’t interfere with your raiding obligations; gear up outside of raids; gather consumables; and any other raid preparation necessities. We are a hardcore raiding guild — even though the raiding schedule might not be 5 or 6 or 7 days a week, we have high standards of performance and strict expectations of 6/7 attendance. That is a minimum — the more you’d like to raid, of course, the more willing we are to oblige you with opportunities.

Many of the founding members of Parabellum are friends and have been for some time, in real life and/or in the game. We value these relationships and take them very seriously, and we will not risk those relationships over in game matters or other disharmony.

Loot is a priority because itemization is extremely important for endgame progression — having as many people geared up as possible only increases our chance of success. That said, we are not a loot whoring guild and will not tolerate incessant complaining over item drops and which player receives them. For this reason, we use the council loot process of awarding gear when an item is not a direct upgrade for the player who loots it.

II. Communication

In order to function smoothly, Parabellum guildies and officers expect and encourage communication at all levels and in all guild-related activities.

You should check our discord regularly, as the most pertinent and recent guild information will first be posted there. There is simply not enough space in GMOTD and Guild Info to convey all that you need to know on a regular basis. Reading is required but posting is not — though we encourage guildies to utilize discord as a means to talk about just about anything — game or non-game related.

In raids, we use discord and you must be logged in, able to listen, and communicate clearly. During raids you are expected to pay attention to directions and announcements, raid chat, as well as any player specific channels. If you have questions about an encounter, ask them beforehand; do not be shy — it’s better to ask beforehand than to begin an encounter wondering.

If you have a problem with a guildie or the guild in general, we ask you to bring it to an officer’s attention immediately. We do our best to try and please everyone all the time, but this is obviously impossible, so we do the best that we can. If you OR we deem Parabellum is not the right guild for you, we would prefer to part company amicably. All issues can be handled with appropriate communication, as miscommunication is predominantly the root cause of all conflicts.

Also take screenshots in any dialog you feel important. When it becomes one person’s word against another, screenshots of conversations help resolution a great deal — do not be afraid to use that PrtScr button.

If there are any other concerns or questions, about anything, please do not hesitate to contact an officer. It’s much better for all involved when lines of communication are open, for members of all ranks.

III. The Player

Because our goals are endgame oriented, our efforts must be consistently strong on each raid night, every pull. Expectations go beyond the mere attendance outlined above – players should know their class and be open to constructive criticism.

We expect you to be prepared. Raid preparation is sometimes a relative — and all to lax — term, so elaboration on <Blood Legion>’s idea of raid preparation is as follows:

Your primary obligation is to the betterment of the raid. You are expected to watch videos of the encounters we are learning — the more videos the better. When you can see them from your class’s perspective, even better. There are several sources for these videos, and we will be able to link some, but not all. Do not count on your guildies, though, to provide you with such videos before every fight — you are expected to seek them and view them yourself. Though official strategy videos may be linked as a point of reference, any additional research you can do is strongly encouraged.

You are also expected to read up on strats beforehand. Just as with the videos, looking at several of them is preferable. There have been many times where the strat we are using is enhanced by a tweak or two because a guildie had read about some wrinkle in a strat.

Do not depend on guildies to supply you with what you need in the way of consumables — you are expected to find your own. Many times, we have alchemists and cooks and enchanters who can work with the raw materials — so bringing herbs and reagents and food to a raid is acceptable. You are also expected to bring any class/role specific items such as damage potions and weapon oils. In a pinch guildies typically can help you out, but relying too often on others’ generosity is noticeable and you will be contacted by an officer.

In Parabellum, we also try to help each other as much as possible outside of raid environments. We don’t expect guild members to charge other guild members for items they don’t need or for the creation of items when the materials are supplied. Please do not demand help. But , that said, don’t be afraid to ask. Our guildies are generous by nature, there to support the guild by supporting all members.

While it is naive to expect that all members will get along at all times, players will not openly demean, insult, or intimidate any other guildie in any way — be it through discord or in game chat. You will afford others the same respect that you expect.

IV. The Guild Tag

As a member of Parabellum you reflect our guild wherever you go in game. Our tag is extremely important to us — it helps us maintain a strong server reputation which has benefits that extend to areas such as grouping, recruiting, trading goods and services, and other areas.

You are to refrain from any racist, sexist, biased, or generally intolerant language. Use the appropriate channels for all chat, and “yell” only when necessary. Engaging in yelling matches with other players in the World of Warcraft community and/or worldwide and zone channels is to be avoided — that is what the Ignore List is for. Spamming nonsense in guild or general chat is to be avoided as well.

Likewise, flaming on the Zul’jin or any other WoW community forum will not be tolerated.

In summary, you are a representative of our guild, so when in pugs or cities, remember that you wear our <P A R A B E L L U M> guild tag and we take this very seriously.

V. Atmosphere

Parabellum is an “adult” guild. This means we revel in unsophisticated humor such as fart and mom jokes. We cuss heavily. We bash each other with unmitigated sarcasm. We therefore require our members to have “thick-skins.” Again, take nothing seriously. That being said, we respect each others’ feelings, desires, and quality of life in gaming and if there is something you believe truly objectionable, please contact the guildie or an officer to seek a resolution. But since we are an “adult” guild, working on these issues between each other is preferable when possible.

We also strive to provide an atmosphere of camaraderie and teamwork — outside of raids as well as in raids. To promote this, we ask that players make themselves available for guild runs and helping one another out when possible, avoiding cliques when we can. Naturally, we have people we enjoy playing with but the guild benefits when we play with as many different people as possible.

Please try and make all guildies feel welcome. The success of Parabellum is dependent on the abilities and efforts of all members and we strive to foster an atmosphere where veteran members and recruits alike feel at home.

VI. Initiates

So what does this mean for you, the initiate? If your application is accepted and you are invited to wear the guild tag, you have six weeks to make an impression on us. During this period, you will likely not receive extra loot, so do not expect it.

It is your responsibility and goal during this period to show that you can fulfill all aspects of the Code of Conduct and be an asset to the guild and our raids. You will be allowed to join raids so that your performance can be assessed. But you are also expected to make a few runs with guildies outside of raids so that you can see, in a more intimate/non-raid setting, if this is the guild for you.

If you have any problems during this trial period, please contact an officer and let us know. If you are unclear on your expectations, again, please contact an officer. Ignorance of expectation is not an excuse.

We will have an initiate tag-up meeting near the halfway point of your trial. At the end of the six weeks, we’ll decide whether or not we are a good fit for you based on: attendance, guildie feedback, raid preparation, class skill and performance, non-raid participation, and other aspects of the Code stated above.

VII. Consequences

The guild officers take the responsibilities and expectations outlined in this Code very seriously — adherence to all aspects is the best way to ensure progress through the game and an atmosphere of belonging and camaraderie. No member is exempt from these expectations — no matter the rank or status within the guild.

If you are found to be in violation of these expectations, expect an officer to contact you to ascertain the problem. We will always attempt to resolve the issue in as quick and fair a manner as possible.

Depending on the offense, the decisions can range from a warning to immediate /gremoval. More often than not, it’s simply a matter of communication, finding out the problem, and endeavoring to take the measures that it doesn’t happen again. Should the problems/issues persist or the offense is especially objectionable, you will be removed from the guild.

Thank you for your interest in Parabellum and we hope you consider joining our ranks and systematically eliminating bosses from their raid domains. If you have read the entire Code and agree please write “Zeb’s mom” in the final question on your application!